Fundamental policy

The development of products and services for all business categories and regions is based on "Monozukuri (function and quality)" of Medical Buisness, our core business.

Compression/Precise Fit Pursue appropriate conditions in accordance with the intended use

With the spread of compression tights, the term "compression" has become common. Therefore, support items that we offer also use "compression by wearing clothes and other items" as a function.

People can obtain a sense of stability and reassurance by moderately compressing unstable joints.
It is also important to control the ligaments and tendons damaged by the injury gently by compression to relieve stress during exercise.
Compression under appropriate conditions is also used to control the blood flow, lymph, and other fluid circulation.

Such has appropriate conditions depending on the intended use. In addition, for use in medical institutions in particular, high-quality products that are appropriately designed and produced stably are required from the viewpoint of the safety of nerves and blood flow.

Comfort/Safety Requirements for providing support functions

Most support items are used by the users for a long period of time. If it is unpleasant to wear it, the user may stop wearing it. In addition, if the mechanism or parts for demonstrating the product function are not in an appropriate position, it will not be possible to perform that function.

We need a design that takes into account not only the surface shape of the complex human body, but also the anatomic arrangement of muscles, the movement of blood vessels and nerves, the elevation of bones, and changes in shape in the movement.
There is a great deal of time spent at the development stage in pursuing "fit-well" such as devising ways to avoid irritation to the skin and nerves and pattern design corresponding to the three-dimensional shape and the placement of materials.suitable for each part.

Stabilize/Fix/Induce Control the movement of the human body

The following are required for our products : controlling movements that are harmful to healing, controlling only specific movements to maintain activity, and guiding movements in the desired direction. These are embodied in design, mechanism, materials and processing methods and then to be verified whether functions are actually realized. With endless repetitive cycle, our "products" will be born.

Effectiveness/Quantification Measure the invisible effects

The effects of physical stimuli are often invisible.

Only when you know how to ensure effectiveness and safety is obtained by knowing how the output is obtained under the desired conditions and how it affects the living organism.

Evaluation Evatuation of Functionality

The demand for evidence for product functionality is growing, not only in health care settings.

We are also proud to be able to properly evaluate and understand the functions of our products and explain them with complete honesty.