E n h a n c e   h e a l t h y   l i f e   e x p e c t a n c y   a n d   l i v e  
a   h e a l t h y   l i f e
E l i m i n a t e   " l o s s   o f   d r e a m s "   b y   o v e r c o m i n g  
a n d   p r e v e n t i n g   m o t o r   d i s o r d e r s
E v e r y o n e   c a n   p a r t i c i p a t e   i n   s o c i e t y  
b e y o n d   d i s a b i l i t i e s
I n   a n y   c o u n t r y   o r   r e g i o n . . . . . . N i p p o n   S i g m a x   C o . ,   L t d .



We will leverage the expertise we have built up over many years in the field of medicine and will not forget the spirit of challenging for further development.
In the field of sports, which is highly regarded by athletes, we are developing even more advanced products.
In addition, we believe it is necessary to focus more on the field of wellness, which supports daily life.
We will accurately identify the needs of people who meet the needs of the times and create "vitality" through our products.


Four Business Domains

Our business domains, "Medical," "Sports," "Wellness," and "Global," to offer our products and services to all over the world - deliver more "vitality" to our customers.

Initiatives to
Create Added Value

Our product development has a clear philosophy.
Ensure safety and stable use with reliable functions.
We are committed to manufacturing in the pursuit of truth even if it seems to be obvious.

  • Compression/Precise Fit
    Pursue appropriate conditions in accordance with the objectives
  • Comfort/Safety
    Requirements for providing support functions
  • Stabilize/Fix/Induce
    Control the movement of the human body
  • Effectiveness/
    Measure the invisible effects
  • Evaluation
    Verification of functionality