Management Philosophy

Sigmax Creates "GENKI" with Spirits and
Eyes toward the Future.


Management Principles

Practice Open and
Fair Management

Sigmax conducts highly transparent and fair management through its business activities based on its corporate philosophy and mission.

We strive to ensure that all employees are able to make decisions and take action based on the company's vision by practicing glass-rich management by enabling the necessary people to obtain a large amount of management information when necessary.

In addition to our members, we will disclose appropriate information to all stakeholders and conduct fair and transparent management outside the Company.

Management Principles

Continue to Strive for
the Creation of

We at Sigmax always add value to all the products and services we provide to our customers.

To this end, we will strive to accurately grasp customer needs and wants, respond promptly and accurately, and provide value that exceeds customer expectations.

Every employee is aware that this is our existence value, and we will continue to engage in activities necessary to create added value, such as innovative research, product development, and the provision of services.

Management Principles

Work with Our
Employees as
Our Most Valuable

We, Sigmax, will respect our corporate philosophy and mission, inspire our customers, and conduct our business in a way that values our growing partners while fulfilling our responsibilities and honing each other.
To this end, we have established five keywords and are implementing activities to realize them.

To be a company whose employees can envision their future while enjoying a sense of fulfillment through work.
Leading Player:
To be a company whose each enployee can work as a leading player.
To be a company whose employees trust and encourage each other.
To be a company which can provide employees with circumstance to develop their capabilities and grow through work.
To be a company which enables employee to have opportunities for promotion equally and receive fair and appropriate evaluation.

The Company promises these matters to its employees, and works on a company-wide basis to ensure that all employees understand and respect each other, and deliver the best products and services to customers.

Management Principles

Pursue Quality with
Reassurance and
Safety as
Our Top

Sigmax provides products and services that are friendly to people and the environment, giving top priority to safety and security.

Since our business is related to people's health, our top priority is to deliver safety and peace of mind to our customers.

To this end, we work to realize this goal with the understanding and cooperation of our partner companies.

In the unlikely event of a customer's comment on quality, we will promptly resolve the issue.

Management Principles

Carry Out Social
Responsibility as a

We, the Sigmax, conduct our business based on the concept that a corporation is a public institution of society. Our management resources are not ourselves, but we are entrusted to us by society. We will contribute to the development of society through the maximization of this resource, the acquisition of an appropriate profit, and the return of this profit to society.

In addition, we will comply with all relevant laws and regulations and respond to social demands, and each employee will always act in a fair and moral manner.

Corporate Mission

As a corporation, we are dedicated to contributing to better physical
wellness and long-term health, Sigmax strives to earn the
satisfaction and loyalty from our customers in the medical, sports,
and wellness fields. We are committed to providing superior quality
products and services, in order to achieve consistent growth and
contribution to society.