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Mission Statement

Sigmax Group Mission Statement consists of Management Philosophy, Management Principles, Corporate Mission and Action Guideline.

Management Philosophy

CHALLENGING THE FUTURE GENKI シグマックスはチャレンジ精神と未来を見つめる目で「元気」を創造します。

Management Principles

  • Practice Open and Fair Management
  • Continue to Strive for the Creation of Added-Value
  • Work with Our Employees as Our Most Valuable Asset
  • Pursue Quality with Reassurance and Safety as Our Top Priority
  • Carry Out Social Responsibility as a Public Institution

Corporate Mission

As a corporation, we are dedicated to contributing to better physical wellness and long-term health,
Sigmax strives to earn the satisfaction and loyalty from our customers in the medical, sports and
healthcare fields. We are committed to providing superior quality products and services, in order to
achieve consistent growth and contribution to society.

Action Guideline

Visualize the future Believe in your potential Make an all out effort Praise the efforts of others Communicate openly Be result oriented Value process Stand by decisions Delegate clear responsibility Learn from mistakesEmbrace opportunities Avoid a bureaucratic attitude Don't be a critic Avoid office politics Avoid a dogmatic attitude