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We are always looking for new ways to make our products and services even better.
A business dedicated to contributing to better physical and health
Nippon Sigmax is in the business of providing products and services that prevent, diagnose, treat, and heal locomotor disability and help people lead healthier and more comfortable lives.

We hope that by using our products and services, people suffering from illness, injury, emotional or mental stress, and other physical hardships will find relief and people in good physical and mental health will gain even greater wellbeing.

With that very much in mind, we have energetically expanded our business in the medical field into new areas so that we can contribute to the health of more people. In the sports field, we share the pleasure of sports with everyone. And in the area of consumer healthcare, we are applying our decades of medical expertise to developing valuable products and services.

Creating a positive feedback loop by putting our employees first
We are, and always will be a customer-oriented company, and in order to fulfill our customer-first philosophy, we move forward with putting our employees first for our better future.

valuing our employees in a way that pushes their creative abilities to new heights, our company can provide useful products and services to society that society will then give back in the form of positive feedback that fosters further growth.

We always have a pioneering spirit, strive for the next breakthrough, and assume responsibility. In other words, we try to operate our business in a way that is worthy of the trust of our customers.
We are always looking for ways to make our products and services better
We are dedicated to high quality in every form, and our corporate mission is guided by a quality policy that continuously improve quality by listening to our customers.

Earning customer satisfaction and confidence as a business dedicated to better physical and health in the medical, sports, and consumer healthcare fields means we must always do business with the utmost sincerity and provide superior products. This is the key to lasting growth and to making a positive contribution to society. Above all, our success depends on responding to the needs.